May Peria

May Peria

Seattle area


I enjoy crafting clean and simple products with a splash of delight paired with a strong empathy for the user. I am experienced in design and implementation of websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications.
My natural curiosity propels me to learn more everyday and fulfill my passion for design, technology, and people.


As a University of Washington graduate with a Psychology degree, I am able to provide a unique perspective to the design process. I am a self-taught designer and front-end developer.
My interdisciplinary work and experiences make me a wonderful team player, individual contributor, and a robust designer.


During my spare time, I like to read design blogs, dream up stories through illustrations, and tinker with web technologies.
When I'm not busy combining art & technology, I am usually: out taking photos, salsa dancing, practicing yoga, or reading while perched at a coffee shop.

Capabilities &Skills

Interaction Design

Flows, Storyboards, Sitemaps, Wireframes, and Prototypes

Visual Design

User Interface, Layout, Iconography, and Illustration


HTML/CSS/Javascript and XAML

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Set ofTools

Tools: Paper, Balsamiq, Blend, Axure


Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks


Tools: Visual Studio and Dreamweaver


LeanDesign Process


  • Research: Who? What? When? How?
  • Asses competitors and business goals
  • Analyze available data or usage metrics for users & product


  • Gather requirements
  • Detail specifications
  • Come up with design schedule


  • Create sitemap or storyboards
  • Wireframe or sketch on paper or other tools
  • Prototype in HTML or XAML
  • Quick Guerilla Tests using prototype


  • Look and feel
  • Perfect the layout
  • Details: icons, graphics, and colors.


  • Markup in HTML/CSS or XAML (some Javascript and C#)
  • Pass on code to devs with inline notes


  • More testing
  • Gather data after release or testing
  • Revise design and code as needed

About my design process:

  • My general approach to product design is lean and agile. I prefer to create working prototypes early in the process, in order to spot design problems and test design ideas as soon as possible.
  • While the process is separated in neat buckets, most of the time certain parts spill into each other and agile steps are taken in order to account for changes.
  • Oftentimes, when the interaction is agreed upon, front-end work can begin and visual design work can happen during or after major backend development work.

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